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Flawed is Flawless

The Charm of Imperfection. The Voice of Unrecognition. The Beauty of Flawed.


Return to the very basic principle, to the origin, natural, subtle and unsullied.

Revealing the raw beauty of style as everything is naked though the eyes without filter or excessive details.

Pastel colour, texture and tenderness of material harmonize seamlessly with highly skill craftsmanship.

Design colour and detail are represented of skin diversity that everyone can be different yet beautiful.

A collection of integration, from traditional to contemporary, black to white, canvas to syntactic fur.


Inspired by tradition tribal geometric graphic combine with modern element and colors, create an expression of strong emotional of playfulness and fighting spirit.


Wildling “ collection of  2015AW  is inspired by a group of people who describe themselves as free folk from Game of Throne. They bind by no rule, free to do what they please under their own norm. Imagine the trendy people go wild, It concept really suit our brand that we are not fashion follower and bind by mainstream trend, we looking for something real, something that true to our self which always Sweet Villian's philosophy.

“ We, free folk, don't kneel for anyone"―Mance Rayder .

This season convey not a design ,but attitude ,boldness and freedom, authenticity, real force that drive human action through our collection.

combined with French metallic fur ,and snake totem printing leather with traditional style.

Rabbit Hole

Inspired by graphic arts from Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

A journey start after Alice went through an ordinary rabbit hole and a journey beyond any expectation begins.

Check pattern, op arts, stripes and flower printing was the basic elements in this fantasy collection.


Timeless Classics